Let’s get started!

Hi all!

Welcome to Teasistars. This is a blog written by two sisters from Belgium. Why did we chose this name for our blog? Well we chose this name since we wanted to put something from ourselves in the name. Teasistarts namely reflects both of our names and our love for Tea. Let me show you:

Header - paars

You can explain out blog name in two ways:

  • TEAsistars: Tinne and Anneleen (so the first letter of both of our names) and sistars because that’s our band, we’re sisters :-), or
  • TEAsisTArs: We both like Tea ans we are sisters called Tinne and Anneleen.

Why we started out blog?

The thing is that we wanted our own place to communicate about the things that keep us busy. And face it, what’s better to do this than a blog ? So we started this blog to communicate about stuff from our daily lives or better yet (as stated in the Blog description) to share our view on (and experience with) Fashion, Make-up, Books, Music, Movies and so much more! But for us, it’s not only important to communicate our own opinion. We are most definitely interested in thoughts of others, so your opinions matter to us as well. We hope to interact with our readers and learn some more about their thoughts. So you also can communicate your opinion to us on our blog.

As stated in the Blog description, on our blog we will publish a variety of articles ranging from fun and breezy until sometimes more serious things. But most of all we will talk about what is keeping us busy in our daily lives, which is: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, music, movies, etc.

We really hope to welcome a lot of readers to our blog and we hope you will communicate your opinions but also give us your feedback on stuff we can improve or ideas on what you want to see published on this blog.

Lots of love to all of you and we really hope to welcome you frequently in the future.

See you soon!


Anneleen & Tinne

Update: My sisters lost interest in our little project, so I will be continuing on my own 🙂 I’m not going to change the name tough, I’m used to using this one.



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