NAILS // Me and my minions

Hi guys!

Today I’m coming to you with a Nails of the day article (or better jet nails of the week since I don’t change nail polish every day :-)). I decided to be a bit crafty, took some inspiration from various video’s on youtube and decided on this look:


Minion Nails Minion nails

As you can see I opted for Minion Nails! I really love this funny little yellow creatures so much! They really made Despicable me worth watching! They made it so much more fun! It was the first time I tried some nail art, so I hope you guys like it. This nail look is really easy to do, the only thing is that you do need time to let it dry in between each step, which can be a burden…

But anyway this is my nail look! If anyone also likes to paint creations on their nails please let me know, maybe you can give me some inspiration!

See you all next time!





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