NOTD // Pearly Orange with a whiff of Pink

Hi all!

Today I again come to you with a nails of the day post! I’m getting into doing my nails a bit more, before I really did not paint my nails that much… (I’m more of a make-up kind of girl so eye shadow, foundation, concealer, blush but actually also skincare because I do have a problematic skin from time to time). Anyhow, I really seem to enjoy painting my nails, so that’s why I came up with this ‘design’:

Orange whiff pink


If you remember the little polishes I bought some time ago (I purchased them at Hema) you know I wanted to try them out when I had the time. Well, yesterday evening that time had come and I decided to paint my nails again. I really was curious about the pearly orange color so I really wanted to use that one on my nails! But lately I’m really into the ‘accent-nail’ trend so I wanted to do one nail different. And the look above was the result. I just kept it really simple and painted all of my nails in the pearly orange color except for my ring finger, which I painted ‘barbie-pink’. After letting them dry I just placed some pearly orange dots on my accent nail and applied a top coat. Yes, it was that simple! And I really like the result!

I really was surprised by the look of the pearly orange color, I thought it would be a bit more orange but it actually more came out as a shimmery nude (as you can see it nearly matches my skin tone), nonetheless I really like this color! I maybe think the look was more ‘noticeable’ if I used the colors vice versa (so pink nails with the orange accent) but this doesn’t change anything to the fact that I like this simple nail look.

What do you all think about it? Do you like it or not? Or maybe you would use different colors? Please let me know!

See you all next time!





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2 responses to “NOTD // Pearly Orange with a whiff of Pink

  1. Nice nails, love the colour combo!!!

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