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Monthly Music Favorites // March

Hi you all!

Since March is almost over (there are only two days left) it’s time to give a little overview of my favorites of last month. Today I’m gonna start with my music favorites of March:

First up is this song of the Royal Concept. I really like this song since it’s so full of joy and hope! Also really like the tune! It’s just a great song for going trough life. It gives you the right attitude and makes you go your own way.

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Event // Chic Goes Wild!

Hi all you lovely readers,

Today I have a little post for you guys about my workshop last Saturday. As mentioned in my previous post the lovely Stamantia from Beautyloves gave me and my mum the opportunity to attend a chic goes wild workshop at Maasmechelen Village. And we had fun!

It was a workshop flower arranging and we both made a lovely bouquet. But since we were at Maasmechelen village (which is an outlet shopping center in Belgium) and apparently also got a VIP pass for shopping we had to do some shopping too! So let’s go on to the photo’s shall we?

foto 3

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NOTD // Today I feel Royal

Hey Guys,

When you all are reading this I will be following a workshop flower arranging with my mum thanks to the lovely Stamantia (from Beautyloves). But that’s not what this article is about, there will follow one about it in the next couple of days though 🙂

Anyway, since my sister was leaving for her school trip tonight/this morning at (4.30 AM) and she asked me to join her dropping her off with my parents I had the choice of going to bed or just stay awake. I chose the latter, so I had to do something to pass my time and what’s better than painting your nails?

Since I had loads of time, I opted for something else than just plain colored nails. I wanted to do a half moon nailart, but I ended up doing a kind of french tip instead and this was the result:

Today I feel Royal Nails

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Review // The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes

Hey Guys!

Today I have a little review for you all! As some of you might remember I went on a shopping spree to Liege in the beginning of this month. During that shopping trip I bought several things including some products from the Body Shop, which you can read about over *here*.

Today I wanted to talk a bit more about the Shimmer cubes I purchased. I fell in love with them by seeing them on several other blogs and I definitely wanted one (preferably the ‘brown’ one) so this definitely was high on my shopping list. When seeing the product however, I did had my doubt because it was €20 and I did not know the quality of the products (I never bought any make-up or skin care from the Body Shop before, only a scrub and a body butter). But after seeing how much product you received in a cube and noticing there was a bit of a sale on the make-up products (buy one get the second half price) I caved and even bought two cubes instead!

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Weight Loss Wednesday // Week #2

Hi guys!

As you all know it’s Wednesday today, which means a weight loss Wednesday post. I’m happy to write this one, but the problem is I forgot to do my weigh-in this morning… Anyhow I did weigh myself at lunchtime when I was home so I can give you this number instead.

I didn’t do anything specials this week. I did had breakfast everyday though! And it consisted of oatmeal or yogurt. Tomorrow I will try to make myself a green smoothie, so I hope this works out! And I already have a breakfast in mind for Sunday morning. I wanted something ‘special’ to enjoy this weekend and I think I found a good recipe. If it works out you will definitely read about it next week! 😀

For exercise I just kept walking my dog everyday. This is hardly enough, but since I teared my adductors they have to heal first… However, the daily walk I try to uphold is about 3 km (1mi 1520.8yd). So this is not a lot, but it isn’t  very short either. This is what I at least try to do on a daily basis. I do have a 30-day pan ready for next month so I hope my injury will be healed by than!

St. Parick's Day

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Review // Figs & Rouge Soft Cherry Tinted Lip Balm

Figs & Rouge Lip Balm

Hi all you lovely people! (Yes, as you can notice sunny days make me happy! :p)

Today I’ve got another review for you all. Since it was spring weather the last couple of days I really felt like wearing some make-up. Since my lips were/are a bit cracked I wanted to give them a bit more attention since I want to have soft and smooth lips for spring and summer. And what’s better than putting on lip balm?

So I tried out the Figs & Rouge tinted lip balm in the color soft cherry and here are my thoughts about it:

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EOTD // Everyday Look

Hi Guys!

Today I bring you a face of the day. Well it’s not really a full face make-up look, but there will be a full face picture 🙂 (for the first time, so don’t be harsh please! Because I don’t really like myself on camera and for my blog I will probably have to overcome this ‘fear’ :p)

Today I have to go to a lecture, so I decided to put on some make-up, but since I’m in a ‘breakout-period’ I did not want to do my whole face. Therefor I just did some eye make-up and just put on some tinted lip balm. And this was the result:

Everyday Look open

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Weight Loss Wednesday // Week #1

Hi Guys!

Today is a week since I posted my weight loss goals, so today it’s time for a first update! Did I do something special this week? Well not really… As I mentioned in my previous post I wanted to eat more healthy and eat less sweet things and that’s exactly what I did. I did, however broke my fasting ‘pledge’, but since I knew this was going to be difficult I was pretty proud about eating something sweet only twice!


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New In // Lip Balm & Micellar Cleansing Water

New Products

Hi Guys!

My last purchases of my shopping trip to Liège were a Tinted Lip Balm and a bottle of Micellar Cleansing Water. Both of those products I purchased at Di (a Belgian drugstore chain).

Di Haul

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Review // Hema Dip & Clean Nail Polish Remover

Hi Guys!

Today I wanted to talk about a product I purchased a little while ago, namely the Dip & Clean Nail Polish Remover from Hema. I was out of Nails Polish Remover and my Nails were starting to chip so I picked up this little fellow. Normally I would just buy a regular Nail Polish Remover, but because my attention was drawn to this product I just purchased this one instead. So I gave this a try and here are my thoughts about this product:

Dip and clean

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