Monthly Music Favorites // February

Hi Guys!

Sorry that I did not post anything the last couple of days, but I’ve been so busy with ‘uni work’ (I’m working on my dissertation) and catching up with some friends so I was preoccupied, sorry for that!

I do have a couple ideas for posts, but I just have to pencil in some time to write them. I hope I can manage to do that starting this week 🙂 (I will definitely try to post at least 3 or 4 articles each week). But anyway since the month of February has come to an end, it’s time for my favorites. I don’t really have a ‘beauty favorites’ category yet (I will begin with this at some point, preferably sooner than later) so for now (like always) here are my music favorites for last month:

First up is Hey Brother from Avicii. I really like this song, I started liking it from the moment I heard it in England a couple of months ago. The meaning of this song is so beautiful! I’ts a song about a difficult relationship between siblings, but even tough the relationship isn’t easy they will always be there for each other and he will do anything for them. This is only my view on the song, and if this is meant by it I think it is so beautiful! It’s very applicable to me since I would do anything for my brothers and sister as well 🙂

Next up is Timber. You can say that this song from Pitbull (ft. Kesha) is my ‘country’ pick for this month. I know this isn’t the regular country song, but I really like the country influences in this song. Plus it’s a nice party song as well, which means double win!

And my last pick for this month is an older song. This is a Dutch song that I got to know thanks to my dad. I know it for a while now but all of a sudden this started playing on my laptop (when my playlist was on shuffle) and I was totally surprised since I forgot I had this song on my laptop. It’s a job about looking and applying for a job (which will be very applicable to my in a couple of months) and it’s really funny that I picked this song as a favorite (maybe it’s because all media are talking about the difficulties for young people to find a job these days…) Anyway I hope this song keeps me motivated when I will apply for a job since a lot of motivation will be necessary while applying over and over again when looking for a job.

And that’s it! These were my favorites for the month of February. I hope you enjoyed them. Did you like them? Or do you have any other favorites for the moment? Please let me know!

See you all soon!




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