Haul // Primark Liège


Hi all!

Today’s article is about some of my purchases of my shopping trip last Saturday. Last Saturday I went to Liège with a friend and obviously we had to go to Primark. We actually went there to shop some spring and summer goodies, but we were a little disappointed about the collection this time… But since Primark has some other stuff as well I still managed to buy some goodies.

Primark HaulAs you can see I bought some random but still useful stuff, so let’s get right into it shall we?

First up is my cover set. Since I have a double duvet now (brought home from my Erasmus trip) I need some additional cover sets (I only had one for now). In Primark there were some really nice cover sets, but since I’m getting a new room soon (fingers crossed on the soon part!) I opted for something neutral.

Glasses Cover Set

I was drawn to this cover set, it’s simple (black and white), funny and yet stylish in my opinion. As you can see the duvet cover has two different sides. The first one covered with black and white glasses, while the other side is only covered in white glasses (they are slightly smaller on this side). As for the pillow covers, they form into one big pair of glasses when you put them next to each other. For me this just was the finishing touch!

Nautical BagMy friend found this nautical style bag and we both liked it so much we each bought one! I had a bag like this before, but my zipper recently broke so I was in need for a new one. These kinds of bags come in quite handy when you are going on holiday! You just put your stuff in there zip it up and fold it together, which means you will save space in your suitcase for something else! Plus you can just hang it in the bathroom at the hotel for an easy reach of your products without cluttering up the sink (your company will thank you for that!)

Makeup bag sponge

I heard so much about the Sephora Beautyblender, but since there isn’t a Sephora in my neighborhood I could not lay my hands on one. So I was really surprised when I saw this little sponge in Primark and for a price of €2 (I think) I just could not leave it behind! I’m really curious about this product, so a review will definitely follow!

While looking at the make-up products my friend all of a sudden called my name and appeared with this little pouch in her hands. And guess what? Yes I completely fell in love with it! Since I’ve been to London for the first time when I was 16, I’ve been completely and utterly in love with this city (and actually the whole country, hence my Erasmus trip to Liverpool) and everything that has to do with it! All of my friends know this about me, so it wasn’t a surprise that she appeared next to me with this pouch in her hands! I did not even think about it and threw it right into my shopping basket. And honestly, you can always use an extra make-up bag!


Finally I scored these little beauties! I normally don’t really wear headbands, but since I’m trying not to wear a ponytail in my hair all the time I needed  something to put my hair back. I opted for these little ones in neutral colors since I want to pair them together. And since pastels are the trend for spring and summer, I would be on trend as well, double win!

So this concludes my little Primark haul. I hope you all liked it. Did you went to Primark recently and what did you buy? Please let me know!

See you all next time!



P.s. Do you prefer hauls like this or in form of a youtube video? If you all like youtube better maybe I can try that the next time 🙂


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