Weight Loss Wednesday // My Goal #1

Hi Guys!

Today I’m going to talk about something totally different as can be read in the title. Lots of people make a list of New Year’s Resolutions, but this particular one is quite repetitive since everyone wants to do this. And what is it that everyone wants to do? Well that’s losing weight…

Lose WeightEven though we all will go down a size without doing anything for it (in Belgium they remeasured the people which led to the conclusion we all are taller, bigger and wider than we were in the 1990 so the clothing sizes will be adjusted to this evolution) I still want to work on my health and body.

I did lost some weight on my Erasmus trip, but I immediately gained it back after I was home. After weighing me this morning I could not run or hide from it anymore and I had to face I need to lose weight. I know this is a difficult topic since a lot of people don’t think I need to lose weight, but I don’t feel comfortable in my own clothes anymore so I need to do this for myself! I know a lot of people say that number on the scale aren’t everything and they are right they aren’t but for now the number on my scale will be my main drive and motivation (one my clothes start fitting again this will be more of my motivation and my numerical weight not so much).


I already ‘started’ last week by trying to do some daily exercise, but I did not succeed in doing this… I did manage to do a 20 minute workout 5 days last week. For those remaining 2 days something else came up in the evening, which ended up consuming more time than I expected and I did not want to workout at 12 o’clock at night. But since I still was eating a lot of sweets, biscuits, chocolate etc. only doing workouts will not help me to lose weight. I will need to change some of my eating habits.

Since today the fasting period started (which means it’s only 40 days until Easter) I decided to ‘participate’ and for the upcoming 40 days I will try not to eat sweet things (so no candy, biscuits, pastry, cake, chocolate,… You get the picture). Next to this I’m only going to drink coffee, tea and water (I’m not much of a fizzy drink person so fizzy drinks won’t be a problem, but this also means no alcohol or non-fresh juices). I hope this can already make some difference!

As you can see I’m going to try and lose weight the healthy way, which means doing more exercise and eating health. I hope by trying to fast for 40 days will help me to get started, but I know restricting myself is not the best idea. If I cave, I hope I can keep my ‘guilty’ days limited to one day a week.


So for my goal:

The starting goal in my head right now is losing 10 to 12 kg (20 to 25 lbs). I know this is a lot but if I subtract this number of my current weight I will once be again at my ‘ideal’ weight (this is my weight from around 1,5 – 2 years ago and at that point I felt great). I know or bodies change once we grow older so that’s why I said this is my starting goal.

I hope posting about my weight loss will help myself stay focused and motivated. Plus dieting is easier if you don’t have to do it alone! That’s why I joined the #BloggersWLW!

Weekly weight loss: 0 kg (0 lbs)   ~   Total weight loss: 0 kg (0 lbs)

Let’s go for it!





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2 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday // My Goal #1

  1. lippylash

    succes!! woow 10 kg klinkt inderdaad veel maar JIJ moet je goed voelen! het lukt je vast en zeker!

    • Het is niet dat ik me niet goed voel, maar mijn kleren zijn beginnen spannen :p
      En de hele tijd binnen zitten om aan thesis te werken helpt daar ècht niet bij!
      10kg is de richtlijn, maar met 5 ga ik al immens blij zijn hoor! Als mijn zomerkleren goed passen in juli is het goed voor mij 😀

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