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Hi Guys!

As mentioned in my previous post I went on a shopping trip with a friend last Saturday. I did not only purchased some thing at Primark, but I also spent some money at The Body Shop and Di (I also bought a watch which I will show some other time). In today’s post I will show you guys the products I purchased at the Body Shop.

Body Shop Products

I actually went into The Body Shop since I had one of their products on my wishlist. But after seeing the price I started to doubt whether or not to buy it… I decided to wait a bit longer, but at the end of our shopping trip I caved and just bought the product anyway (with a little something extra). All curious yet?

Body shop haul

First of all, sorry for the background of my pictures! Since I’m getting a new room, my old one (the one I share with my sister) is a total mess, so I took these pictures in our living room. I hope to find a better picture space once I’m settled in my new room!

The last couple of weeks I read a lot about the Body Shop shimmer cubes and bit by bit I fell in love with them. Buying a shimmer cube palette was one of my goals for this shopping trip and I achieved this goal! At first, when I saw the price (€ 20) I started to doubt whether or not to buy it so I wanted to think about it a bit more. When we returned to The Body Shop at the end of our shopping trip I was slightly lending towards buying a palette, but once I saw the action sign “Buy 1 get the second product half price” I totally caved and did not only bought one but two shimmer cubes! I bought a brown and a purple colored palette and I’m really happy with them! (Review will follow)

While paying the lovely lady behind the cash register told me that for just €2 extra I would get a pouch with four little products. I could not let this opportunity slip, so I also bought those products. I’m eager to try all of my products, so again a review will follow. I also received a free little sample of karité butter but I forgot to include this in my pictures (sorry!).

And this was everything I bought at The Body Shop. Do you like The Body Shop products? I did not try many of them jet, so if you have more experience with them please leave some recommendations if you like!

See you all later!




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