Review // Figs & Rouge Soft Cherry Tinted Lip Balm

Figs & Rouge Lip Balm

Hi all you lovely people! (Yes, as you can notice sunny days make me happy! :p)

Today I’ve got another review for you all. Since it was spring weather the last couple of days I really felt like wearing some make-up. Since my lips were/are a bit cracked I wanted to give them a bit more attention since I want to have soft and smooth lips for spring and summer. And what’s better than putting on lip balm?

So I tried out the Figs & Rouge tinted lip balm in the color soft cherry and here are my thoughts about it:

First up, packaging:

F&R Lip Balm

F&R lip balm 1

Do you all see this? This lovely yellow colored tube with lovely little flowers all over it! I really like the packaging since it makes me instantly happy! Who wouldn’t be by seeing the colors yellow, blue and pink? So it’s a win for me! But since the outside isn’t everything let’s open up this beauty…

As you can see, it’s a normal tube. There isn’t a special applicator or a special shape to this tube to apply it on your lips. Is this a problem? Well, for me personally it is not! I think it’s more hygienic using your finger to apply (it’s also possible to use a lip brush if you have one). And who doesn’t led her lip balm to a friend one in a while? They also have to use their finger so again I think it’s more hygienic. So again, win for me!

Now, on to the product:

F&R Lip Balm 2

As the name gives away, this lip balm is 100% pure and natural. You will only find natural products in there. And since pure and natural is good for the inside it would be good for the outside too right? So again, win for me!

F&R Lip Balm 3

F&R lip Balm 4

The product itself looks really pigmented and gel-like (so pretty liquid). I really like the color on my hand, but would it be this pretty on my lips as well? Let’s try it, shall we?

F&R Lip Balm 5

While I thought this product would be pigmented and pretty, this pigment did not transfer onto my lips. Such a pity! The product glides on really smoothly (as I expected by seeing its gel-like structure) and it definitely doesn’t dry quickly. Once on your lips, the product continues to be pretty liquid. I think I can maybe even say it’s a bit sticky (since crumbs of my toast got ‘stuck’ on my lips during lunch). For me personally I did not decided yet if this stickiness is a ‘lose’ for me or not… It does feel different then the regular labello lip balm, but it still helped for my cracked lips. I think I just have to get used to the structure for a bit, since you will feel every lip product on your lips in the beginning.

So overall I actually liked this product! I will definitely use this product more often for my cracked lips and it looks really pretty with an everyday make-up if you want a neutral lip with  still that little bit of glossiness.

What do you guys think? Would you try this lip balm? Or did you already try them? If so what did you were your thoughts? Please let me know!

Enjoy this lovely sunny day and see you all soon!



P.s. Excuses for some of my pictures. There was something wrong with the lens of my camera and I could not fix it at the moment, that’s why some of the pictures are more blurry. So sorry for that!



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7 responses to “Review // Figs & Rouge Soft Cherry Tinted Lip Balm

  1. Ziet er een mooie lip balm uit, superleuke verpakking

    X Sara

  2. Alleen de verpakking ziet er al leuk uit! XO


  3. Ziet er zowieso al heel vrolijk uit! Fijne review!

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