Weight Loss Wednesday // Week #2

Hi guys!

As you all know it’s Wednesday today, which means a weight loss Wednesday post. I’m happy to write this one, but the problem is I forgot to do my weigh-in this morning… Anyhow I did weigh myself at lunchtime when I was home so I can give you this number instead.

I didn’t do anything specials this week. I did had breakfast everyday though! And it consisted of oatmeal or yogurt. Tomorrow I will try to make myself a green smoothie, so I hope this works out! And I already have a breakfast in mind for Sunday morning. I wanted something ‘special’ to enjoy this weekend and I think I found a good recipe. If it works out you will definitely read about it next week! 😀

For exercise I just kept walking my dog everyday. This is hardly enough, but since I teared my adductors they have to heal first… However, the daily walk I try to uphold is about 3 km (1mi 1520.8yd). So this is not a lot, but it isn’t  very short either. This is what I at least try to do on a daily basis. I do have a 30-day pan ready for next month so I hope my injury will be healed by than!

St. Parick's Day

But I definitely lost some point as well this week! Since it was St. Patrick’s Day, my brothers wanted to have a little party and they thought I should join them, which I eventually did. Again this was in the same little beer cafe from last week which means I had some beers. I do enjoy a good beer from time to time, (definitely the dark ones! they are so good!) but last weekend I did not stuck with just one dark beer… I had a couple of them, so I had a lot of extra calories that evening! But since I enjoyed every single beer I had, I did not feel  extremely bad.

Now the verdict… Did I lose weight? (Keep in mind that I weighed myself at lunchtime which means I already had breakfast and a 10 o’clock snack with a coffee each time!)

Weekly weight loss: 0.1 kg (0.2 lbs)   ~   Total weight loss: 1.3 kg (2.86 lbs)

Yes, I did! It’s not a lot as you can see but as I said I weighed myself at lunchtime. I think that if I had weighed myself this morning before doing anything else my loss would have been bigger. But it still was 0.1 kg so I still lost something which made me happy! But since I don’t know my weight from this morning I will be expecting even more form next Wednesday, so I hope I will not be disappointed!

See you all next week!





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4 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday // Week #2

  1. Any weight loss is better than no weight loss at all, so good job! And don’t feel bad about cheating, on special occasions that’s perfectly fine.

    • Thanks! I really was happy 🙂 And cheating indeed is better, because not allowing yourself to cheat just makes it worse! Thanks for passing by!

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