Event // Chic Goes Wild!

Hi all you lovely readers,

Today I have a little post for you guys about my workshop last Saturday. As mentioned in my previous post the lovely Stamantia from Beautyloves gave me and my mum the opportunity to attend a chic goes wild workshop at Maasmechelen Village. And we had fun!

It was a workshop flower arranging and we both made a lovely bouquet. But since we were at Maasmechelen village (which is an outlet shopping center in Belgium) and apparently also got a VIP pass for shopping we had to do some shopping too! So let’s go on to the photo’s shall we?

foto 3

foto 4 As we arrived at Maasmechelen Village we saw these beautiful creations and we were even more enthusiastic to make our own bouquet! Do you see these lovely colors! They are so beautiful together and instantly gave me a happy feeling and a craving to nice and warm spring and summer weather! These creations are from Marc Colle a well-known florist in Belgium (He did a flower decor for a runway from Raf Simons from Dior). I really love these creations and the color scheme so I was eager to learn about it.

foto 2 (1)

foto 5 (1)

foto 2 foto 1

foto 5 foto 3 (1)

At 2 PM we were expected to gather in the VIP lounge. And the lounge was so pretty (as you can see in the pictures)! A lovely lady from the outlet shopping center handed us a little white bag with our VIP shopping pass and immediately offered something to drink. As you can see we had a wide range to pick from: coffee, tea, cava, orange juice and water. Next to this there were some cute little and most of all delicious bites (a little fruit salad and a little crab cocktail) and some delicious Neuhaus chocolates. After gathering everyone, the workshop could get started:

foto 3 (2) foto 2 (2)


The lovely lady in the fist picture Dalia (if I’m not mistaking) introduced herself and the brand she was working for. She explained what we were going to make and said we could pick out some flowers of our choice before starting to assemble our bouquets. I picked some lovely spring-colored flowers (which you will see below) and started to assemble my own bouquet.

foto 1 (2)


foto 2 (3)


In this picture I was trying to bundle my flower, which wasn’t as easy as I thought it should be. It had to be tight, but not too tight, but in the meantime not too loosely since you bouquet had to be able to stand up straight on a table. If you bouquet could stand up straight on its own, you did good.


foto 1 (3)


Et voila! My final result! This was the bouquet I made. It was rather have and apparently rather big since you cannot see me anymore. Haha! I was really happy with the result! At home we place my bouquet in the living room and my mum’s bouquet in the hallway:

foto 1 (4)

foto 2 (4)


But this isn’t everything we did! As I said before we had to shop a little… So here some pictures of the purchases I made last weekend:

foto 3 (5)

We bought some l’Occitane products. I’ve never tried them before, so I’m very curious about these products. i washed my hands in store with the almond soap and I was sold! This soap smells so good! We definitely had to buy this soap. My mum lover ‘the rose products’ so after checking out some of them she decided she wanted to by the body lotion and the shower gel. I will probably try a little of theses products, so you will definitely hear my thoughts on these products.

foto 1 (5)Next up was Swarovski. I really like love Swarovski so I could not leave the shop without buying anything! There were so may beautiful items in store but eventually I bought these two. A pair of (big) earrings with white and red/pinkish crystals and a necklace shaped like a Gladiator helmet. I always liked history, especially Greek and Roman history so when I saw this necklace I just had to have it! The head inside the helmet is a big black rock and the helmet itself is also decorated with little black stones.

foto 2 (5)Our final stop was the Escada store. I’ve been in love with Escada ever since I was 16 and bought my first summer fragrance of this brand! I do have quite some fragrances from this brand and a summer bag, but I wanted some of their clothing! So I went into the store with my mum and when she saw this shirt she insisted I tried it on. And she was right! Even though it’s just a shirt I fell in love with it! I love the summer colors used for the print and I know I’m going to wear this a lot during summer! Next to this it’s a very versatile piece so I can pair it with a lot of items from my wardrobe. A big win for me it was, so I just took this shirt home with me.

What do you all think? Did you like the bouquets? And what about the purchases? Have you already tried some of the products? Please let me know!

A final big thanks to Stamantia from Beautyloves and of course to Maasmechelen Village too. Me and my mum had a blast!

See you all soon!





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9 responses to “Event // Chic Goes Wild!

  1. Dat zag eruit als een heel leuke dag!

    X Sara

  2. Goed geshopt! Ziet er leuk uit, moet ik ook nog eens naartoe gaan.
    Mooie oorbellen van Swarovski!

  3. Ziet er leuk uit! ^^ En mooi wat je zelf gemaakt hebt! ^^

  4. Amai goed geshopt! 😀 Leuke vaas trouwens die 2e! Zo iets heb ‘k nog nooit gezien 😀

    x Aurélie

    • Ja mijn portefuille heeft het toen wel gevoeld :p
      En die vaas is van mijn mama. Die staat thuis al zo lang leeg en in een donker hoekje dus is het goed dat he boeket erin paste!

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