Monthly Music Favorites // March

Hi you all!

Since March is almost over (there are only two days left) it’s time to give a little overview of my favorites of last month. Today I’m gonna start with my music favorites of March:

First up is this song of the Royal Concept. I really like this song since it’s so full of joy and hope! Also really like the tune! It’s just a great song for going trough life. It gives you the right attitude and makes you go your own way.

Next up is this song of Clean Bandit. This is a really nice song! It’s about love and friendship. It probably depends on how one interprets the “when I’m with you there is no place I’d rather be”, but for me you can say this goes both ways (love or friendship). Apparently I like love/friendship songs since they always tend to find a way into my favorites! And again the melody is beautiful! I really love the violin influences in this song!

And finally this song of 2 Fabiola. I know this is maybe a weird choice since I actually did not watch the Eurosong selections or something. But when I heard this song I just was caught up by the tune so bad I could not stop singing it in my head! Ad it just gets better! There is a geeky and funny dance made to this, which made it very popular for going out apparently. The dance goes as follows: You just have to sit behind a table. Then put on a ‘stupid smiling face’ and start waving around with your arms when you hear the music. And that’s it! I know you wont have a table while going out, so just do the final two steps and you will be good! :p

What do you guys think? Do you also like these songs? Our did you have other favorites this month? Please let me know!

See you all later!






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6 responses to “Monthly Music Favorites // March

  1. Herken de laatste twee van de radio, maar wist niet dat er een van het Eurosong was- weer wat geleerd.

    • Ja het laatste liedje deed mee aan de selecties, maar heeft het niet gehaald. Jammer want ik vond het een heel catchy deuntje! Nu ja 2 Fabiola heeft wel iets meer feestliedjes dus dit kan er zeker nog bij 😉
      Bedankt voor je reactie! 🙂

  2. Rather Be van Clean Bandit is echt zo’n mooi liedje!

    X Sara

  3. Die van 2 Fabiola hebben dat slim gezien, een vette hit ermee! Super!

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