Challenge #1 // Anti-cleansing wipes challenge

Anti-cleansing wipes challenge

Hi guys!

So a new month is just started which means it’s a good point in time to start a challenge. Since I’m working on my dissertation these days, I’m full of stress and just been sitting inside in front of my books and computer screen. I’m working pretty late every day which results in being so tired I just want to go straight to bed and don’t do my whole face cleansing routine. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t clean my face, it’s just that I don’t want to do my multiple step cleansing routine, so I just grab a cleansing wipe, wipe my face with it and I’m done. Simple as that! Even though this is so easy, there still is a downside to it: 

2014-03-13 09.31.34 2014-03-13 09.31.45









Breakouts! Since I don’t clean my face as thorough as I normally would, my face just started to break out and all my stress made this even worse! I do have to admit they my face became this red by cause of my picking. Anyhow, after seeing how bad my face had become the last couple of days I knew I had to change something about it. That’s why I came up with this challenge!

But it’s not that I just want to achieve a clean face without breakouts (don’t get me wrong, this is the main reason) I’m also doing it to try and break my habit of using so much cleansing wipes!

Now how do I want to share this with you guys? Well I’m not going to update every single days (since this would obviously become boring quite quickly) but I will give you some updates and face pictures every 5 to 10 days. I’m just going to do this so you can see the results of not using cleansing wipes and do a thorough face clean instead. Plus I will really test out some new face products which will make it much easier to give you an honest opinion about them.

That’s all for now! Are you going to join me? Or did someone already did a challenge like this? if yes, what was your outcome? Please let me know!

See you all soon!





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9 responses to “Challenge #1 // Anti-cleansing wipes challenge

  1. Never ever tried one cleansing wipe, I’m more of a washcloth type a girl when tired. Looking forward to know your favorite best face products!

  2. Leuk om te lezen 🙂

  3. I don’t use those wipes unless I am taking off makeup! I just use water in the morning and put on my morning creams 😀

  4. ik gebruik alleen van die doekjes als ik om 3u ‘s nachts thuisben en echt geen zin heb om mijn make-up er deftig af te halen, anders heb ik altijd een hele reiniging routine, en dat doet echt wonderen voor mijn huid!

    • Ja normaal heb ik ook wel een routine, maar ik denk dat die ook niet grondig genoeg is… Ik hoop dus door een maand ‘s avonds wel steeds grondig te reinigen met een cleanser en dan een hydraterende crème dat het helpt, want al die rode plekjes zijn echt niet mooi. Nu ja ik moet er ook wel leren afblijven overdag hoor :p
      Dank je voor de reactie!

  5. Interesting! I never use cleansing whips, though, but I can imagine it isn’t as good for your skin as it seems.

    I try to use not to much cosmetics anyway. I’m pretty skeptical about all the chemic elements, so I try to use clean cosmetics only.

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