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Haul // Goodies shopped in Aachen

2014-07-06 13.04.15

Hey Guys!

So since summer vacation started and I was finally finished with exams, I needed to go shopping. I did so in Aachen (Germany) with my mum, and of course I wanted to show you all the result of my little shopping spree. Enjoy!

De vakantie is ondertussen gestart en de examens zijn dus eindelijk voorbij, wat voor mij resulteerde in nood aan een shoppingtripje. Ik ging enkele dagen geleden dus shoppen met mijn mama in Aken en natuurlijk wil ik jullie nu ook het resultaat van dat tripje laten zien:

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Haul // Clothing shopped in Liverpool

Hi Guys!

I’ve been back in Belgium for a while now and a few days ago it occurred to me that I forgot to do haul posts of my purchases in Liverpool. I did not buy a lot (because I had to be able to take everything back to Belgium) but I did a little shopping so I decided to show you all what I bought while being on Erasmus. I’m going to make two separate posts: one on clothing (and shoes, accessories, …) and one on beauty (so make-up, skincare, perfume, …).

Ondertussen ban ik al weer een tijdje terug in ons Belgenlandje, maar enkele dagen geleden viel het me te binnen dat ik vergeten ben een Haul artikeltje te schrijven over mijn aankopen in Liverpool. Ik heb er niet overdreven veel gekocht (ik moest namelijk alles mee terug naar België kunnen nemen) maar ik heb er toch wel een beetje gewinkeld dus heb ik besloten om jullie mijn aankopen van mijn Erasmustrip te laten zien. Ik ga mijn haul verdelen over twee artikeltjes: eentje over kleding (en schoenen, accessoires, …) en eentje over beauty (dus make-up, skincare, parfum, …).

Clothing Haul

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Haul // Kruidvat Haul

Kruidvat HaulHi Guys!

Today I have a haul for you all. I did a lot of shopping recently (not all at once, but still…) which resulted in a lot of products I wanted to show you. Since I’m working on my dissertation I’m not out and about very often at all so during my breaks I like to go to the drugstore for something to drink or a little snack but I actually buy a lot of other things as well.

Vandaag heb ik een haul voor jullie. Ik heb recent veel geshopt (wel niet alles in een keer, maar toch…) en dit resulteerde in een hoop producten die ik jullie nog wil laten zien. Vermits ik dezer dagen aan mijn thesis aan het werken ben kom ik niet veel buiten, maar tijdens mijn pauze vind ik het wel altijd leuk om even naar het kruidvat te gaan voor en snack en iets om te drinken, maar bij deze aankopen blijft het nooit, want ik koop steeds extra spulletjes.

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Haul // Primark Liège


Hi all!

Today’s article is about some of my purchases of my shopping trip last Saturday. Last Saturday I went to Liège with a friend and obviously we had to go to Primark. We actually went there to shop some spring and summer goodies, but we were a little disappointed about the collection this time… But since Primark has some other stuff as well I still managed to buy some goodies.

Primark HaulAs you can see I bought some random but still useful stuff, so let’s get right into it shall we?

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Haul // Hema

Hey Guys!

Since I finished my exam on Tuesday (hooray!) it is time to put my pen to paper (if you can consider this as writing) and write an article for my blog. First off all I wanted to point out (as you could already see read) that I’ve started to blog in English. You all know this isn’t my native tongue, but since I wanted to put my English some more to practice (note: I really miss speaking an writing in English since I’m back home from England) I decided to blog in English from now on.

After this being said, it’s time to commence with my Hema Haul. I wanted to get some fresh air after my exam on Tuesday and during my stroll downtown I ended up at Hema. I did not really intend to buy stuff, but since I had studied the last couple of days and wasn’t able to shop it was difficult not to buy anything seeing all this fun stationary. So I ended up buying the following things/products:

Hema Haul

Rotating Stamp and Color Ink

I really liked the rotating stamp from the moment I saw it! And since it is such a lovely stamp (I’m going to use it in the notebook for my blog) I had to buy some colorful ink (hence the orange and pink ink :p).

Little Nail Polish

Next up was the nailpolish. In Hema they sell little nail polishes (7ml) for just €1! I never tried Hema  nail polish before, so this was a great opportunity for me to buy some nail polishes. I bought a pink one and an orange one. At first sight, the pink one really reminded me of Barbie and the orange one is a nice pearly orange color but review will definitely follow.

Dip & Clean Nail Polish Remover

Since I bought some nail polish, I also needed a remover. My eyes drew my attention to this pink jar. It is the ‘Dip & Clean Nail Polish Remover’. As the name gives away, you need to dip your nail into the jar (inside there is a sponge drenched with nail polish remover) and when you remove you nail from the jar it comes out clean. I’ve never tried this concept before and since this jar was only €3 I wanted to give it a try.


And finally I bought a foundation brush. I never used a foundation brush or foundation sponge before (normally I always apply my make-up, or better yet my foundation with my fingers) but I really wanted to try a foundation brush. Therefor I bought this little black friend. Or at least I hope it’s gonna be my friend! Maybe after using this brush I will always apply my foundation with a brush, but we’ll see.

This was my little Hema Haul. Do you have any experience with Hema products or do you want to advice me something, than please let me know in the comments.



P.s. I’m cleaning op my blog a bit and I will try to translate all of the previous articles to English 🙂

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