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Challenges // 30 Day Shred, Water Challenge, Anti-cleansing wipes

Hoi allemaal!

Aangezien ik stiekem aan het aftellen ben tot mijn backpacking trip (waar er gisteren eindelijk eens een post over is verschenen) vond ik het ideaal om gedurende deze periode ook enkele challenges te doen. Ik ga mezelf immers uitdagen om gedurende 30 dagen drie verschillende challenges te voltooien. Niets heel erg drastisch, allen goed te combineren en (hopelijk) ook haalbaar. Ik besloot de volgende drie challenges te combineren:

30 Day Shred

1. Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred

 Afgelopen zaterdag ben ik met mijn challenges gestart. Laat me het eerst hebben over de 30 day shred: aan deze uitdaging ben ik vol goede moed begonnen en wees gerust ik heb het ook nog niet opgegeven. Continue reading



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Weight Loss Wednesday // Week #2

Hi guys!

As you all know it’s Wednesday today, which means a weight loss Wednesday post. I’m happy to write this one, but the problem is I forgot to do my weigh-in this morning… Anyhow I did weigh myself at lunchtime when I was home so I can give you this number instead.

I didn’t do anything specials this week. I did had breakfast everyday though! And it consisted of oatmeal or yogurt. Tomorrow I will try to make myself a green smoothie, so I hope this works out! And I already have a breakfast in mind for Sunday morning. I wanted something ‘special’ to enjoy this weekend and I think I found a good recipe. If it works out you will definitely read about it next week! 😀

For exercise I just kept walking my dog everyday. This is hardly enough, but since I teared my adductors they have to heal first… However, the daily walk I try to uphold is about 3 km (1mi 1520.8yd). So this is not a lot, but it isn’t  very short either. This is what I at least try to do on a daily basis. I do have a 30-day pan ready for next month so I hope my injury will be healed by than!

St. Parick's Day

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Weight Loss Wednesday // Week #1

Hi Guys!

Today is a week since I posted my weight loss goals, so today it’s time for a first update! Did I do something special this week? Well not really… As I mentioned in my previous post I wanted to eat more healthy and eat less sweet things and that’s exactly what I did. I did, however broke my fasting ‘pledge’, but since I knew this was going to be difficult I was pretty proud about eating something sweet only twice!


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Weight Loss Wednesday // My Goal #1

Hi Guys!

Today I’m going to talk about something totally different as can be read in the title. Lots of people make a list of New Year’s Resolutions, but this particular one is quite repetitive since everyone wants to do this. And what is it that everyone wants to do? Well that’s losing weight…

Lose WeightEven though we all will go down a size without doing anything for it (in Belgium they remeasured the people which led to the conclusion we all are taller, bigger and wider than we were in the 1990 so the clothing sizes will be adjusted to this evolution) I still want to work on my health and body.

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