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Haul // Goodies shopped in Aachen

2014-07-06 13.04.15

Hey Guys!

So since summer vacation started and I was finally finished with exams, I needed to go shopping. I did so in Aachen (Germany) with my mum, and of course I wanted to show you all the result of my little shopping spree. Enjoy!

De vakantie is ondertussen gestart en de examens zijn dus eindelijk voorbij, wat voor mij resulteerde in nood aan een shoppingtripje. Ik ging enkele dagen geleden dus shoppen met mijn mama in Aken en natuurlijk wil ik jullie nu ook het resultaat van dat tripje laten zien:

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Haul // Beauty shopped in Liverpool

Hi Guys!

Today I wanted to show you all the beauty goodies I bought in Liverpool. I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking so here we go:

Vandaag wil ik jullie graag alle beauty goodies laten zien die ik gekocht heb in Liverpool. En ik ga gewoon de foto’s aan het woord laten, dus hier gaan we dan:

2014-06-06 13.42.35

First up this brush set of Models Own. I do regret not buying the real technique ones, but I did not had the money at the moment I wanted to buy a brush set.

Als eerste deze kwastenset van Models Own. Ik heb er wel spijt van dat ik de realtechniques kwasten niet gekocht heb, maar ik had niet voldoende budget om die kwasten te kopen toen ik mijn kwastenset kocht.

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New In // Essence Lippies

Hi Guys!

I know it’s a while ago since I wrote my last post, but I’m still busy with exams so that still is priority number one (until the 26th of June). But I was very lucky in store today so I really wanted to share it with you! During my study break I went out to buy a bottle of water in the drugstore (Kruidvat) and I saw some marked down Essence lippies. I think it are some ‘last ones’ from previous collections (hence them been marked down) but they were so pretty! They were marked €1,99 each so I just had to buy them! But I probably had a very lucky moment because at the check-out they just scanned €0,50 (except for one which was €1). I was so happy that I saved yet some more money on them so I definitely had to share them with you all! 

Ik weet dat het alweer een tijdje geleden is dat ik mijn laatste blogpost heb geschreven, maar ik ben nog steeds bezig aan mijn examenperiode en dat is nog steeds de hoogste prioriteit (nog tot en met 26 juni)! Ik had vandaag een ‘lucky strike’ toen ik tijdens mijn pauze een flesje water ging kopen in het Kruidvat en dat wou ik graag met jullie delen. In het Kruitvat zag ik namelijk enkele Essence Lippies voor een lagere prijs. Me dunkt zijn het ‘de laatste stuks’ uit vorige collecties en waren ze daarom afgeprijsd. Ze spraken me heel erg aan en dus besloot ik  mee te nemen. Ze kostten toch maar €1,99 per stuk kostten. Aan de kassa sloeg het geluk toe, want de glosjes bleken echter €0,50 te kosten (behalve ééntje dan, want die was €1)! Dit vrolijkte me meteen op en ik wist dat ik dit met jullie moest delen!

Behold my purchases:

Aanschouw mijn aankoopjes:


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Haul // Kruidvat Haul

Kruidvat HaulHi Guys!

Today I have a haul for you all. I did a lot of shopping recently (not all at once, but still…) which resulted in a lot of products I wanted to show you. Since I’m working on my dissertation I’m not out and about very often at all so during my breaks I like to go to the drugstore for something to drink or a little snack but I actually buy a lot of other things as well.

Vandaag heb ik een haul voor jullie. Ik heb recent veel geshopt (wel niet alles in een keer, maar toch…) en dit resulteerde in een hoop producten die ik jullie nog wil laten zien. Vermits ik dezer dagen aan mijn thesis aan het werken ben kom ik niet veel buiten, maar tijdens mijn pauze vind ik het wel altijd leuk om even naar het kruidvat te gaan voor en snack en iets om te drinken, maar bij deze aankopen blijft het nooit, want ik koop steeds extra spulletjes.

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Review // The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes

Hey Guys!

Today I have a little review for you all! As some of you might remember I went on a shopping spree to Liege in the beginning of this month. During that shopping trip I bought several things including some products from the Body Shop, which you can read about over *here*.

Today I wanted to talk a bit more about the Shimmer cubes I purchased. I fell in love with them by seeing them on several other blogs and I definitely wanted one (preferably the ‘brown’ one) so this definitely was high on my shopping list. When seeing the product however, I did had my doubt because it was €20 and I did not know the quality of the products (I never bought any make-up or skin care from the Body Shop before, only a scrub and a body butter). But after seeing how much product you received in a cube and noticing there was a bit of a sale on the make-up products (buy one get the second half price) I caved and even bought two cubes instead!

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Review // Figs & Rouge Soft Cherry Tinted Lip Balm

Figs & Rouge Lip Balm

Hi all you lovely people! (Yes, as you can notice sunny days make me happy! :p)

Today I’ve got another review for you all. Since it was spring weather the last couple of days I really felt like wearing some make-up. Since my lips were/are a bit cracked I wanted to give them a bit more attention since I want to have soft and smooth lips for spring and summer. And what’s better than putting on lip balm?

So I tried out the Figs & Rouge tinted lip balm in the color soft cherry and here are my thoughts about it:

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EOTD // Everyday Look

Hi Guys!

Today I bring you a face of the day. Well it’s not really a full face make-up look, but there will be a full face picture 🙂 (for the first time, so don’t be harsh please! Because I don’t really like myself on camera and for my blog I will probably have to overcome this ‘fear’ :p)

Today I have to go to a lecture, so I decided to put on some make-up, but since I’m in a ‘breakout-period’ I did not want to do my whole face. Therefor I just did some eye make-up and just put on some tinted lip balm. And this was the result:

Everyday Look open

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New In // Lip Balm & Micellar Cleansing Water

New Products

Hi Guys!

My last purchases of my shopping trip to Liège were a Tinted Lip Balm and a bottle of Micellar Cleansing Water. Both of those products I purchased at Di (a Belgian drugstore chain).

Di Haul

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New In // Make-up & Skincare

Hi Guys!

As mentioned in my previous post I went on a shopping trip with a friend last Saturday. I did not only purchased some thing at Primark, but I also spent some money at The Body Shop and Di (I also bought a watch which I will show some other time). In today’s post I will show you guys the products I purchased at the Body Shop.

Body Shop Products

I actually went into The Body Shop since I had one of their products on my wishlist. But after seeing the price I started to doubt whether or not to buy it… I decided to wait a bit longer, but at the end of our shopping trip I caved and just bought the product anyway (with a little something extra). All curious yet?

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